Code Academy

Directed by Nisha Ganatra

Tribeca Film Festival

Official Selection

SXSW Film Festival

Official Selection

Outfest Los Angeles

Audience Award
In the future, the gender disparity gap was addressed with a radical idea: to keep boys and girls separate until the age of eighteen. In this society, The Equal Futures Academy for Girls and the Equal Futures Academy for Boys were formed to re-educate the two genders without the inherent biases of society.

The Equal Futures Academy propels more girls into the arena of captains of technology than any other school in the world. Frankie, Libby and Sheridan of the Girls Who Code are a premiere coterie of students with brains, beauty and binary bravado. They maneuver the halls and computer labs with status and style, yet are so disparate in nature in how they relate to each other. With so much riding on their shoulders to win a coding contest, these girls reveal they are not all work and no play. The expert hackers have found a way to interact with the boys from their sister school and trouble ensues.

Code Academy is a peek into the inner world of adolescence, gender identity formation and the role of cyber space in this tumultuous time of growth.

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